Combustion, Electric and Hybrid Powertrains

Open to engineers or master's degree holders with several years of experience in the industry, particularly in the automotive industry, the Specialized Master* Powertrains - combustion, electric and hybrid - provides a vision of the entire powertrain. Taught in French, in partnership with IFP Training, it offers two alternative options.

'Hybrid and Electric' option

This option is intended to prepare high-level specialists capable of:

Energy Economics and Management

In the Energy Economics and Management domain, IFP School has seven permanent staffs (French and Iranian) with varied and complementary academic and professional backgrounds. The school also calls upon over 100 visiting lecturers each year, most of whom are from industry where they are recognized as experts in their field.


The IFP School faculty runs a total of five programs in the Energy Economics and Management domain:

Powertrains and Sustainable Mobility

In the field of Powertrains and Sustainable Mobility, the education courses delivered at IFP School are based on a team of permanent teachers and external speakers to offer a unique range of skills, from industrial know-how to  highly specialized research. 

Permanent faculty

Permanent faculty members whose skills and expertise cover the fundamentals of the automobile industry (in particular combustion, engine technology, bench tests, etc.) and associated fuels and lubricants. Professors are from mixed backgrounds: