Specialized Engineering Graduate Degree

Eleven industry-oriented graduate programs, leading to a specialized engineering degree or an IFP School master’s degree, which are organized into four major fields in energy and transportation:    

 Powertrains and Sustainable Mobility   
 Energy Economics and Management
 Processes for Energy and Chemicals
 Georesources and Energy

Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering

Did you know that understanding the architecture of reservoirs and rock-fluid interactions are key factors to optimize production? The complementary skills of geoscientists and engineers are essential to their success. By completing the Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering program, you’ll master both the methods and the tools used to sustainably produce Oil & Gas fields, to develop storage capacity for gas and CO2, and even to exploit geothermal resources.

Processes and Polymers

Plastics are everywhere. This fast-moving industry based on innovation and new markets faces new challenges such as energy efficient processes, bioplastics manufacturing and the environmental impact of plastics. This industry looks for talents to adapt to these new trends. Our Processes and Polymers program offers skills for the petrochemical and polymer industry, in a multicultural environment: a recognized Master program where you will embrace a sector where innovation knows no bounds!

Energy and Markets

The energy sector is in the midst of a profound transformation and is seeking to hire young professionals equipped with both practical skills and a comprehensive understanding of the field. Our Energy and Markets program provides an outstanding education.

Energy and Products

Did you know that compatibility of an engine/fuel pairing is a critical challenge in the development of more sustainable transport? Energy efficiency of engines, hybridization, alternative fuel development: for each of these challenges, the best technological options must be developed to ensure compliance with increasingly demanding environmental standards and to meet society’s expectations.

Energy and Powertrains

For sustainable mobility on land, air and sea, every form of transport is impacted by environmental concerns. Energy efficiency of engines is achieved through electrification and hybridization, important subjects addressed in our Energy and Powertrains program, developed in close partnership with companies within the sector to address their need for expertise.

Petroleum Engineering and Project Development

Did you know that the Oil & Gas industry is experiencing a profound transformation? It must face the challenges of energy transition, optimizing the production of Oil & Gas fields while limiting CO2 emissions related to their operation and ensuring maximum security. When you realize that on average, recovery rates level off at 35%, and that 1% more would cover 2 years of worldwide consumption...