Mechanical engineering

Modelling of aero-elasticity in large transformations by a partitioned coupling: application to large wind turbines

IFP Energies nouvelles is recruiting a student for a PhD in the field of wind energy. The thesis work will mainly take place at the IFPEN site in Rueil-Malmaison within the Department of Mechanics of Solids, interacting with the Department of Mechanics of Fluids; and collaborating with the MEMPHIS team from INRIA Bordeaux.

Modeling coalescence in complex fluids

As part of the public-interest mission, IFPEN focuses on providing solutions to take up the challenges facing society in terms of energy and the climate. In particular one of the major concern of IFPEN is to reduce the cost and the environmental impact of the energy processes involving multiphase flows. Multiphase flows are encountered in many areas of the energy industry such as biomass conversion, and water treatment.  Liquid/liquid separation is frequently involved to separate a dispersed phase of a continuous phase.

Large-Eddy simulation of lean direct injection H2 combustion

With the reduction of hydrocarbon resources and increasingly stringent standards to deal with the problem of climate change, the development of clean-up internal combustion engines constitutes a major technical challenge. The use of hydrogen is considered a promising alternative for vehicles. Two main options are possible. The most studied is the fuel cell, which is particularly attractive for its potential efficiency and its emissions (only water vapour), but it is less advantageous in terms of cost and durability.