Portrait Christine Travers

Dear all,

To begin with, I hope you, your families and your colleagues are all well.

We have often joked that a “School without students” would be a great thing, and yet it was with an extremely heavy heart that we closed the School on 16 March. And it will be a huge pleasure to re-open to students on 1 September.

Despite it all, as you will read in this newsletter, the School did not come to a halt, everything continued remotely: course programs, projects, exams and, to a certain degree, even field placements thanks to virtual reality, right from the very first day of lockdown! All this was made possible as a result of the admirable commitment, expertise and ingenuity of all the School’s staff, of whom - once again and as I am - you can be immensely proud, as well as the motivation of our students and our partners.

Although the start of the next academic year is fraught with uncertainty related to the health crisis, we are ready to welcome the new intake, with some students able to attend classes at the School observing preventive measures, while others will follow programs remotely all around the world.

There is no doubt that this unprecedented situation has led to much reflection on our part and will enable us to advance faster.

As you will also be able to read in this issue, during this period our students have enjoyed some wonderful successes in prestigious international competitions. Many congratulations to them.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue and happy holidays.

Christine TRAVERS
IFP School