Review of the first cycle of IFP School Voices webinars

The first cycle of IFP School Voices webinars will draw to a close on 6 July, with a contribution from speaker Mr Rafael Moreno (RIG 2000), Partner and Associate Director O&G Downstream at The Boston Consulting Group. The first 8 video conferences attracted 1,687 participants.

Launched in November 2020, these monthly, virtual events are aimed at IFP School students and graduates. The purpose of the webinars is to give the School's graduates an opportunity to share their expertise concerning the latest innovations and trends in the energy and sustainable mobility sectors.

Delivered in English, the webinars include a themed presentation by an expert, followed by question and answer sessions between the speaker and participants. Lasting 45 minutes, they take place via Zoom , generally on the first Tuesday or Thursday of each month at 6 p.m., with free access to participants, who sign up beforehand.

Among the 1,687 participants, 1,321 are IFP School graduates and 201 are current students. To date, 804 participants from 39 countries have viewed the webinars.

“These figures reflect our graduates’ interest in the topics covered and highlight the strength of our Alumni network,” remarks Christine Travers, Dean of IFP School.

“Expectations have clearly been high among our graduates,” adds Laetitia Salessy, Director of IFP School’s Processes for Energy and Chemistry Center. “An average of 100 people have taken part in each webinar, with more many questions asked during each session,” she specifies.

Capture du webinaire avec James P. Bond
The webinar entitled “Financing the energy transition”, led by Mr James P. Bond (ECO 1975), Senior Advisor at Centennial Group, on 4 February 2021 attracted the most participants.

The three most popular webinars were led by:

  • James P. Bond (ECO 1975), Senior Advisor at Centennial Group – “Financing the energy transition” on 4 February 2021;
  • Laurent Rossi (MOT 2000), Chief Executive Officer at Alpine – “Alpine: sports cars in the era of “everything electric” on 4 May 2021 and
  • Jean-Baptiste Dubreuil (EEN 2002), Senior Natural Gas Analyst at the International Energy Agency – “From Covid to Net-zero: the role of gas in clean energy transitions” on 2 June 2021.

IFP School would like to thank the employees of IFP Energies nouvelles and the group’s subsidiaries who have taken part in the webinars, as well as Alumni Club ambassadors for their support.

Buoyed by this success, the School will launch a second cycle of webinars, beginning in mid-September 2021.

If you have any suggestions for the next cycle and/or you would like to see the first eight webinars again, contact us at us

Author of the article: Meyling Siu