Geo Data Management for Energy Mix

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As the energy transition accelerates, new data is coming in and data volume is exploding!

Our "Geo Data Management for Energy Mix" program is a unique graduate course that will teach you how to manage georesources and environmental data.
Interested in becoming a player in the digital revolution in energy transition? Ready to tackle the challenges of big data? Join us now and become an expert in geodata management!

This program Mastère Spécialisé® (Advanced-master degree awarded by a member institution of the "Conférence des grandes écoles") is delivered in partnership with ENSG Géomatique.

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The key points of the program

Multidisciplinary teamwork on real case studies and data sets provided by industry
Field work and integrated projects
Preparation for DAMA CDMP and CAPM® certifications

Career prospects for graduates

Multi-energy companies
Services and Engineering companies
Data companies
This represents the % of jobs directly related to NTE across all employment sectors
Program & planning

Data management methods

  • Information management fundamentals
  • Data governance
  • Data life cycle and data quality
  • Data model and reference data
  • International Data Management Professional Certification

Information technology & Services

  • Storage and query, SQL, NoSQL
  • Data security
  • Data standards and data sharing
  • Cloud
  • Python project

Energy & Environment data and techniques

  • Typical data of georesources projects
  • Geological, seismic & well data
  • Reservoir & production data
  • Environmental data
  • Maintenance data

Georeferenced data & geomatics

  • Geographic information system (GIS), web GIS
  • Spatial databases and ETL
  • Geodesy and coordinate transformation
  • Remote sensing
  • Data acquisition: Surveying, Photogrammetry, Lidar
  • BIM and GIS

Project management & final project

  • Certificate Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)
  • Final project

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

  • Business Intelligence, dashboards
  • Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence


The program includes a 7-month course and a 4 to 6-month internship.

Planning Geo data management for energy mix program

Career opportunities
  • Data manager
  • GIS engineer
  • Data scientist

From international energy companies to start-ups.




Funding & sponsorships

Tuition fees

  • Students pursuing their studies; jobseekers: €15,000
  • Professionals: €30,000

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