Environmental, Energy and Transport Economics

Visuel Master EEET 2024

The Master's degree in Environmental, Energy and Transportation Economics (EEET) is co-accredited by the Paris-Saclay University (operating institutions AgroParisTech, INSTN, CentraleSupélec), the Paris Nanterre University , the École des Ponts ParisTech and IFP School in partnership with Mines ParisTech.
Five programs are offered within the framework of this Master's degree: Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Prospective Modeling, Sustainable Food Economics, Transport and Mobility Economics.


The Energy Economics program, which is taught at IFP School and INSTN (Saclay) sites, has a dual purpose:

  • research: for students wishing to continue their training with a Ph.D (to later join research centers, international institutions).
  • industry: for students who wish to move towards the energy transition professions in economic analysis and quantitative techniques, management methods and financial techniques used in the energy industry and related sectors (banking, insurance, international agencies, etc.).

NB: The first four programs offered can be completed in apprenticeship; the Transport and Mobility Economics program is not yet open to apprenticeship.

Application to the EEET master*

Application for the 1st year of the Master's program  
Submit your application on the website, indicating "Environmental, Energy and Transportation Economics":

Application steps for the 2nd year of the Master's program
1.     Submit your application on one of the three sites below:

2.     If you are a candidate for the "Energy Economics" program in the second year of the EEET master's program, you must also submit an application via the following link (the documents to be provided are the same as for step 1): https://application.ifp-school.com/en/4/candidates/sign_in

3.     If you apply to an apprenticeship for the second year of the EEET master's program, whatever the option you've selected between Environmental Economics, Prospective Modeling, or Sustainable Food Economics, you must also submit an application (there is no need to do so if you have completed an application for the "energy economics" option, as this will be duplicated. A specific link will be sent to you after the admissions board.

* Application period open on 15 March 2024

More information: https://www.master-eeet.fr/