Hydrogen Project and Engineering

IFP School's Mastère Spécialisé Hydrogen Project and Engineering
4- or 5-year engineering degree
Training pace
Full time
In brief


You want to be part of the low carbon energy and transportation sectors?

The Hydrogen Project and Engineering program, delivered in English, offers a global perspective on the industry and business hydrogen sectors in France and abroad.

At the end of the cursus, the students will be able to:

  • Analyse the geopolitical environment of energy, particularly electricity and hydrogen
  • Design an H2 project in a changing context
  • Manage the implementation of an H2 project in a changing context
  • Contract with industry players to secure the project over the long term,
  • etc.

Contact: marie-helene.klopffer@ifpen.fr

The key points of the program

Multidisciplinary teamwork on real cases and integrated projects
Technical training and project management
Skills across the H2 value chain

Career prospects for graduates

Program & planning

The program is composed of a 6-month period of lectures followed by a 6-month internship period in a company:


HyPE Schedule


The detailed program: 


Detailed program

Career opportunities

Many opportunities from start-ups to international companies involved in green energies:

  • Project leader
  • Business developper
  • Engineering manager
  • Risk assessor or asset manager in industrial companies
  • Public financial institutions
  • Consultant in consultancy firms, etc.
Funding & sponsorships

Tuition fees

  • Students pursuing their studies; jobseekers: €18,000
  • Professionals: €24,000

Our partner companies (non-exhaustive list):

Partner companies for the HyPE program