Apprenticeship contract

Since August 1996, IFP School has been awarding an engineering degree as part of the apprenticeship program. The School has thus become one of the first engineering schools in France to implement this type of training. This pedagogical approach is based on alternating training sequences in schools and companies. The apprentice attends school partly at the IFP School and partly in companies on the basis of consecutive modules of several months.

  • Alternate training: School - Company
  • Coherence & Complementarity between school and company
  • Design around the skills to be acquired at school and in companies (career paths)
  • School: courses, projects, case studies
  • Company: "on the job training", "learning by doing", confrontation with professional realities in their technical, human and management dimensions 

An application school such as IFP School is a gateway to industry. In apprenticeship training, the apprentice is half of the time in school and the other half in the workplace, which ensures the transition from the school of origin to the industrial world. The company and the school provide co-training with the involvement of industry and academic leaders throughout the programmes. When apprentices are in companies, the training dimension is an integral part of the process through the skills acquired and the supervision provided by the master trainer and the school tutor.

For IFP School, the implementation of apprenticeship training represented both an illustration of its proximity to industrial environments and the natural outcome of its positioning as an application school.

"This considerable development represents not only a major contribution to social diversification in the Grandes Ecoles and to the democratization of selective higher education, but also an engine of pedagogical innovation that benefits all students. Through the importance given to concrete situations, through the close relationship between the training institution and the company and through the use of digital pedagogies and distance learning tools, apprenticeship training embodies the best of the pedagogical principles of the Grandes Ecoles."

Dominique Jamet (Chairman CGE) - January 2015